Hey everyone, I hope you are all well? I have been gone for too long I do apologise. I have been working towards a few things which shall come to light at the right time. Firstly I wanted to announce that I have changed my name to CHICHI KNOWS, some of you might have noticed this on my Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. I made a few adjustments because people could not really relate to Sherazmataz or understand where it came from. I hope you all embrace me and my new name, CHICHI will defiantly be sharing a lot on what she knows and thats why today I am starting off with a few tips on how to look like a million bucks on a budget. I am best known for my ridiculous spending habits, however, what people don’t know is that I do it on a budget. I get my inspirations from social media and style them to suit me. 

Where do I get my fashion sense?

I grew up in a fairly stable happy family who embraced whatever we had. My parents did their best to provide good shelter, clothing, food, love etc, however, what I didn’t have was the luxuary life that people are fortunate enough to have these days. Growing up I copied everything my mother did because she always looked on point! I used to wear her makeup, heels; I even have baby photos of me wearing her wigs lol. My mother was actually a model and she was crowned  Madam Livingstone in the late 90s or 2000, can’t really remember but one thing I do remember very well was the day she won. We celebrated and I felt a queen’s daughter. Haha to be fair I am a queen’s daughter. I strongly believe she influenced my style and character with the help of my grandmother who calls me “pretty girl”. 




Invest your money in buying quality things, it could be homeware, bags, shoes, clothing and know the right amount to spend on that particular thing you want to buy. I’m not saying go and spend £500 on a bag or shoe, what I mean is do your research before buying. These days we have websites that have copies of expensive brand and you wouldn’t even tell the difference. 


My way of shopping is online. I just like browsing to see what I can get from different shops before I actually go into the store and what I want. To be fair it is the best way to also compare prices. People think shopping online makes you spend a lot but I feel when you are tat the store your eyes drift to so many things and you just want to get them there and then but as for online you can always store them in your basket and purchase them when you’re ready to. 


Trends by definition never last! If you’re thinking of always going with the trend you will find yourself in a difficult situation. I liked following trends before and I legit bought everything that was of hype but recently those things are the least of my worries. I now go with what I am comfortable in and love to wear. Sometimes you can get a trendy piece like the mules shoes some of them where just ridiculous, I bought a pair and when I got home I had to check myself cause really they just weren’t my thing. So instead of following the trend why not get yourself a piece of item that you will use for a while. 


Accessories have always been part of my large collections.. Bags, earrings, neckless, bracelets, belts, scarfs you know it. I find them to be a little gem to outfits especially when you wear them right. I recently went for a wedding and I purchased this cage bag and my beloved was like where the hell are you taking that haha but what he didn’t know is it went so well with the outfit, and so on the day of the wedding it made sense to him. My accessories for that day were a bag and earrings, I didn’t feel the need of adding anything else plus the heels I wore had great details as well. 


I’m guessing some will be asking yourselves why Ishould keep it a secret. Well sometimes you don’t want to go wrong telling people how much what you’re wearing costs, we just want to be seen as the  girl or boy with good taste. Have you ever worn something and everyone is talking about it yet it is the least expensive thing you’ve got on you lol. 

I hope these tips will help you next time you go shopping. Sometimes less is more.


I didn’t want to end the post without saying anything about this beauty I’m wearing. Guys can you believe it is 4 years old?!! it was one of my very first pieces from Zara.  Funny thing I only get to wear it during autumn and because it’s autumn you’ll definitely see me wear this blazer a lot.  it is a good piece for when  you’re  going on a date and don’t feel like being too glamorous. Is it just me or checked blazers is a trend which keeps going and coming? It’s as though we can’t make up our mind on it. I was looking at the prices for checked blazers now and I definitely bought mine at the right time cause they are a little pricey these days so if you feel like you’re missing out on this trend don’t worry about it, it will be back.