Aside doing solo shoots I absolutely love collaborations I believe in empowering other people whether it be male or female, I believe in giving people the chance to express their style. Today I am back with another collaboration with Stephylately, for our collaboration we decide to do casual winter. At the moment I am loving everything stripey and it was a coincidence that Steph wore stripes too. Unfortunately for us the weather was very unfriendly over the weekend but that did not stop us from doing what we love to do best, I’m sure in some pictures you will see some raindrops lol. For a while now we have been trying to work on something together and this is only the begining for we believe we have great things to share in the near future which brings me to the title of my post today. I will be giving three reasons why people need to collaborate.

Images by Eli


1. Collaborations allows you to make more of an impact than you might be able to do alone. Two is better than one, when you have two sources of ideas it always comes out better in the sense that both voices are adding value to the content and you are determined in helping one another to get where you want to be. 

2. Collaboration allows you to be seen in a different light. Often when people collaborate, their main fear is how the other person presents themselves differently and also being afraid of collaboration on something that is way outside their normal content. I find that this allows bloggers to be challenged by someone else’s style because if you decide to sit back and face reality without challenging yourself, you will end up regretting for not doing your best. 

3. Collaborations will give you the opportunities to connect with people. Collaboration will connect you with like minded people. Did I mention Steph and I did not plan on wearing stripes? likeminded right? Sometimes collaborations help people to connect, people you end up building long term friendships. Don’t be too closed up, be free and connect.


1. GUEST APPEARANCE – Sharing content with other bloggers through text or video 

2. REVIEWS – Giving people your thoughts and suggestions on a product that they sent you or a product that you want to review. 

3. GIVEAWAYS – Giving away of your favourite products or random gifts that you’ve never used.

What do you think about collaborations?

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