Happy New Year everyone, I hope you are enjoying the first week of 2018. As we all know each passing year we set goals to achieve them and plan for new ones. Some goals may be repeats from the past year while other are entirely new. Unfortunately last year I was not able to do all that I said I would do, I still procrastinated hmm, by the time I actually wanted to do it time had already flown by and we all know November, December is the busiest months of the year so I decided to wait on 2018. For those who know me will agree with me on how much I spoke positivity into this year. Ya’ll are not ready to see what I have. I made up my mind to be a goal getter this year and over the Christmas holidays my aunty reminded me that when I was about 8 years she saw me to be a go getter  and even though I hadn’t achieved what I set before me for 2017 she is proud of her far I have come. When we sat by the table to eat a lot came to remembrance, I am Lydia’s child, my mother and I have a lot of similarities, there is no way I will let her down this year. I am her jublicate and so I have to live this life the way she raised me. She is not here to witness it personally but I know she smiles everyday to see me alive and well.  

Photos By: Hilton Knott

Why do we have set goals? 

I believe that setting goals will help you become your best self. Life is a constant cycle and year after year our preferences and priorities to life change. The older we get, the truer we come to ourselves and this is why I am  sharing some of my 2018 goals I set for myself. There is power in the tongues and half of the time we make excuses when they are not needed. 

Here are some of my 2018 goals. 

1. Complete my driving. I have been off the road for a year now and I honestly regret not completing it because I was so close! Something happened which shook me up a little, even after I prayed about it I was still terrified of giving it another go but I’ve come to hear worse stories about driving and I started to think to myself actually I am not bad at all, it was part of the driving experience and so this year I say no to the spirit of fear, I will complete my driving. 

2. Consistent with my blogging. I can’t stress enough how hard this can be, people out there make it look so easy but trust me it isn’t that simple there is a lot behind it. The other thing that slows me down is when I see people who have been blogging for a few months and they just blossom like there have been around for year! I really don’t get it, it actually puts me off lol like girl HOW? Anyway everyone has their time to shine and this year I will not be put off by someone else’s success, my eyes are fixed on my path and I will shine. 

3.  Spend more time putting myself first. 2017 was one hell of a year full of good and bad times, I found myself putting others first, allowing people to hurt me in different ways, to be honest I cared way too much for people that didn’t care about your wellbeing so this year I am putting myself first. I am letting go of what doesn’t serve me, you might say that is a selfish act but hey I’m just taking care of my mental and emotional state first. Sometimes you just need to pose and ask yourself these questions.

What do I look forward to the most? 

What drains me?

We cannot do our best work or care for others when we are rundown and exhausted and this is why I have decided to do things that make my soul happy, things that you look forward to. Be honest with yourself. Be your own best friend. 

4. Going to retreats, concerts, conventions.  Believe me these thing fuel up your spiritual life. I often watch a lot of sermons on youtube and last year I missed out on a few good concerts that were going on because I didn’t hear about it or I was caught up with university and work. This year I am constantly checking on eventbite and Facebook for future events so far I am already looking forward to two concerts Festival of Praise and Jesus Culture Encounter

Do you guys know of any other concerts coming up? 

5. Drink more water. Not only is water the healthiest beverage you can drink, but it is also so refreshing. Could this mean I am saying goodbye to fizzy drinks? Well no lol I will still be treating myself to fizz once in a while. The last time I tried going on a water diet I was craving for pop and I broke my promise however, this year I am on that good skin business and water has proven to clear acne and to hydrate the skin.

2018 is a blank state, a fresh slate, a new beginning. If you haven’t already set yourself goals take this opportunity to set goals and make them lifestyle habits eventually you will adjust to the changes and they will become part of your every day life.