Hey lovely people, it feels good to be back again blogging. I have been gone for so long! not to worry guys I am fit and well despite a few health scares some weeks ago; but that story is for another day. Today’s post is an update on my life. So, I recently completed university and I am currently waiting to start a new job as a manager for a mental health service. Yes I know, I only just finished uni but your girl has been job hunting since January and I made sure I secured myself a job that I will enjoy doing.  Sometimes you just have toe leave behind your old self & take a leap of faith into the unknown, you find out what you are truly capable of becoming. Let’s be real, my results are not yet out and a job is already waiting for me! “Waow” as Patricia bright would say, this can only be GOD.‬fullsizeoutput_d46fullsizeoutput_d43‪Have you been feeling afraid to dream the impossibles? Well let me break it down to you, if you never dare to dream, you will never know what you are capable of achieving or becoming. I do feel that many of us get really tied up in thoughts and never in action because we are too scared to try new things as we do not want to fail. Lets get this right, we are made to stumble and fall in life in order for us to reposition ourselves. I mean imagine a world of highs without lows, we would never have the time to reflect on ourselves because we are too high up and stuck in a perfect life. We wouldn’t even appreciate life.‬

‪Here are my simple stages to get you to where you want to be.‬

‪1. Have a plan or vision board – To encourage you on where you want to be in the next 5 years. Planning helps you prioritise your goals and helps you get things done in less time instead of procrastinating things.‬
‪2. Talk more positively – There’s nothing more powerful than your tongue. What you say is what you receive, dare yourself to speak positively about situations whether good or bad.‬
‪3. Think – Have time to reflect on your goals, check if you’re acting on them and if you’re not think of ways to get there. If you are achieving them also think of your next step.‬
‪4. Believe in yourself – Having self confidence within yourself is a major stepping stone to a lot of things in life. Constantly remind yourself that you can and will do it.‬
‪5. Taking some time off social media – is actually freeing, it allows you to put things into perspective rather than watching what everyone is doing. Trust me, your mind will feel so clear.‬
‪6. Be debt free because debt can inevitably drag you down. There is nothing wrong in having designer wear but if your goal is to live a happy-debt-free life, your costs should be long term investments that will help your future. However, you should always remember that money isn’t everything.‬fullsizeoutput_d40fullsizeoutput_d2cfullsizeoutput_d49fullsizeoutput_d2ffullsizeoutput_d23A little detour, I obviously I couldn’t end this post without acknowledging this little number, I recently fell into this habit of buying my tops from Shein. They have nice affordable tops; the quality isn’t bad as well – I simply love them. Unfortunately this isn’t a sponsored post but maybe one day, Shein will come through, lol. Anyway I will end here for today, I hope you all have a blessed weekend.‬

Thanks for taking your time to read my post.CHILESHE